PAMP-ER - Agricultural Pantographic Front Loader with Quick Coupling

It maintains the load at the same angle without the need for corrections or lever changes when erecting or lowering the structure of the agricultural planer, ensuring a greater and more effective control of operations

Technical Specifications

Height rasing (mm) 3800*
Loading and unloading angle of the bucket 50º


Model Width (mm) Capacity (m3) Height Raising (mm)
PAMP-ER8 1700   0,600   *4000 
PAMP-ER8 1900  0,700   *4000 


Model Width
PAMP-ER 6 1700 0,600
1900 0,700

(*) The inclination angle of the bucket can have a small varation from tractor due to positioning of the equipment on the tractor and the height of lift.


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