RAC / RACD - Dragging shearer with Cardan shaft

The BALDAN, RAC / RACD Dragging shearer with Cardan shaft has bold design to withstand the harshest work conditions. Coupled to the drawbar of the tractor and driven by the PTO, and due to its driving system, the work speed does not interfere with the rotation of the extra strong Baldan blades, with easy cutting height adjustment and reduced power demand, side wheels with trim for better grip to the ground, recommended for mowing pastures and the like. Its gearbox is lubricated in an oil bath, with helical toothed gear and exclusive Baldan free rotation system, its structure has a system specially manufactured to ensure maximum performance and operational yield.

Technical Specifications

RPM at PTO 540
RPM of Blades 940
Cutting Height (mm) 100 - 320
Length of Cardan (mm) 2900
Rear Wheel 2


Model Nr of
RAC 1700 2 1700 800 60
RACD 3400 4 3400 1180 70



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Technical Publications Control (CTP)

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